St. Stephens Indian High School
Home of the Eagles

Get to Know Our School

St. Stephens Indian High School serves 9–12 graders in the tight-knit town of St. Stephens, Wyoming. A member of of the St. Stephens Indian School District and funded by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), we build our school’s internal structures around the hub of Native American culture.

Our Vision

All students will be provided a safe, success-oriented, culturally-responsive educational environment which will develop responsible, respectful, productive, and well-adjusted individuals in an ever-changing world.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the simple philosophy of life that has sustained the Indian people through the centuries: to walk with dignity, knowledge, and wisdom; to live in harmony with earth and everything on it; to acknowledge with thanks to the Great Spirit.  

We believe that St. Stephens Indian School exists first and foremost for teaching and learning.  We teach our students techniques for living and leadership in modern society within a curriculum framework, which includes the art, language, and beliefs of American Indian culture and heritage. We believe that all students can learn when we provide them with a positive, success oriented, and safe environment.

Students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community are equally important in the learning process. Together, we are committed to these goals:

  • All SSIS students will read independently by the 3rd grade.
  • 70% of students will be proficient or advanced in reading and math.  
  • Each student will attain an attendance rate of 90% or better.   
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of their language and culture.  
  • Our district will experience increased enrollment, retention placement, and high graduation rates.